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How to ensure the pipe with 6m length not bend after quenching ?

How to ensure the pipe with 6m length not bend after quenching ?

Have you ever encountered such a problem when steel pipes are hardened in the metal heat treatment industry? Our technicians have received some information about the application of pipe heat treatment furnace, including customer consultation: If we want to do quenching heat treatment for the 6m length in S45C steel to 900℃, how to make sure the pipe not bend after quenching ?

Because this customer only leave message and not mentioned the pipe diameter, thickness, quenching hardness and tempering process, so our technician just provide you with some common phenomena for your reference.

1.The steel pipe wall thickness should not be too thin.
2.The cooling speed is too fast.
3. Is the internal stress of the raw material too large and whether it is prepared by heat treatment?
4.Heating and cooling are uniform or not, otherwise the stress distribution will be uneven.

Quenching is a heat treatment process for metals, which need to heat the parts to some temperature and then rapid cooling immediately. The quenching of steel is a heat treatment process in which the steel is heated to the critical temperature of Ac3 (hypoeutectoid steel) or Ac1 (hypereutectoid steel) for a period of time, all or part of the austenite is transformed into 1, and then cooled to martensite (or bainite) below MS (or near ms) at a cooling rate faster than the critical cooling rate. Usually the solid solution treatment of aluminum alloy, copper alloy, titanium alloy, tempered glass and other materials or the heat treatment process with rapid cooling process is also called quenching.

During the heat treatment process, uniform heating and cooling is the most important thing as it will directly the steel internal structures. Welcome to contact with us if you have any questions about our pipe heat treatment furnace.


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