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How to do heat treat for 6-meter tube without bending

How to do heat treat for 6-meter tube without bending

Last time a client asked us a question about the heat treatment of steel pipe bending in the metal induction heating industry.They are worrying about that whether their 6-meter pipe will bend after heat treatment with our induction hardening and tempering equipment. As the user did not tell us the diameter of steel pipe, wall thickness, hardness value can not give a specific cause of bending.
According to the different requirements of various manufacturers, Forever can specially design & manufacture all kinds of automatic induction heat treatment equipment. In order to meet the rapid development of the industry and satisfy customers’ requirements of reducing operating costs, improving production efficiency, improving quality and enhancing competition, the company actively develops and specializes in providing high-efficiency and energy-saving automatic induction hardening and tempering equipment. After getting the pipe diamter, wall thickness, length and capacity per hour, Forever is confident to give you energy saving proposal for induction hardening and tempering equipment.
Here Forever technicians are giving some reasons for pipe bending for your reference.

1.The wall should not be too thin;
2.Cooling is too fast;
3.The internal stress of raw materials is too large, whether heat treatment or not?
4.Heating and cooling are uniform or not.

Advantages of Forever induction hardening and tempering equipment

★ Specially customized man-machine interface, highly user-friendly operation instructions.

★ Fully mechanized design and intelligent production process;

★ Rapid heating speed, less oxidation and decarburization, high efficiency, good process repeatability.

★ Meet environmental requirements, no pollution, high production efficiency.

★ Closed-loop temperature control, uniform heating, high temperature control accuracy, to ensure that the temperature difference is small;

★ Constant power and constant current control, achieving the maximum efficiency of rapid heating & optimization of metal parts.



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