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How to control the heat treatment deformation?

Metal heat treatment deformation has been a common topic in induction heating furnace industry. Metal work-piece heat treatment processing, because of uneven heating, often prone to work-piece deformation phenomenon, light impact on its performance, serious may lead to processing quality, then heat treatment deformation can be controlled?

After heat treatment, the thin part is always cold quickly and the thick part is slow in the cooling process. Under the condition of meeting the actual production needs, the thickness disparity of the work-piece should be reduced as much as possible, and the cross section of the parts should be uniform in order to reduce the tendency of domain change and cracking in the transition zone due to stress concentration. The work-piece should keep the symmetry of structure and material composition and structure as much as possible in order to reduce the distortion caused by uneven cooling: the work-piece should avoid sharp edges, grooves and so on, at the thick and thin junction of the work-piece, there should be fillet transition at the step: reduce the hole on the work-piece as much as possible, the structure of groove tendons is asymmetrical: the uneven thickness parts adopt the method of reserving machining quantity.

The control of heat treatment temperature in heat treatment process, the setting of hot working temperature of work-piece is the most important, but the setting accuracy is far from enough. In the process of heat treatment, the temperature measurement in the furnace is an important parameter measurement of heat treatment process. If the measurement is not accurate, the quality of heat treatment can not be guaranteed, and the temperature is closely related to the performance of the work-piece after heat treatment. When the temperature exceeds AC3 line, the hardness of work-piece does not increase obviously with the increase of temperature, but the internal stress increases and the deformation increases due to the increase of temperature.


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