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How much is the pipe induction heating equipment?

At present, in the heat treatment market, we generally suggest that users choose Induction heat treatment equipment as pipeline heating equipment. At present, environmental protection operations are advocated. Production, uh, should not produce pollution, and manufacturers also hope to find an efficient processing equipment to improve the output and competitiveness of enterprises. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose induction heating equipment.

The induction heating equipment adopts electromagnetic principle to heat treat the metal steel pipe. Through the induction coil, the alternating current is evenly distributed into the steel pipe, and the heat generated by the vortex reaches the demand of heat treatment heating temperature, and the steel pipe is heated. Because electric energy is a kind of environmental protection energy, the whole equipment will not produce dust waste smoke in the processing process, and the whole set will be designed by mechatronics structure, the performance is stable, the structure is compact, and there will be no noise in the processing process. In addition, PLC touch display screen, automatic control operation, very convenient. How much is the pipeline heating equipment, the performance of the steel pipe heating equipment is proportional to the quotation, the more advanced the equipment, of course, the more expensive it is to sell. The quotation of the whole metal heat treatment equipment is not completely transparent, because the quotation of different configurations is very different, and the pricing strategy of different manufacturers is also different, so contact the manufacturer directly and get a more detailed quotation list.

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