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How much is the intermediate frequency heating equipment?

The working performance of Induction heat treatment equipment  is constantly updated. With the development of casting machine technology, metal heat treatment equipment has a more diversified choice. Induction heating equipment adopts electromagnetic principle for heat treatment, special heating principle, no waste gas smoke and dust pollution in the process of processing, which has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, stable performance and so on. This article will give you the answer to how much a set of intermediate frequency heating equipment costs.

The whole induction heating equipment can form its own production line, adopt the mechatronics structure design, the working structure is compact and stable, can also form the continuous production line with other mechanical equipment according to the user’s production demand, forms the continuous production line, enhances the user’s product competitiveness, the flexible maneuverability, the configuration frequency converter drives the production, the intermediate frequency heating equipment installs one per shaft, the single frequency converter damage does not affect the performance stability of the whole equipment at all. The intelligent control system, the centralized remote control equipment runs, the PLC control system cooperates with the touch type display screen, the operation safety factor is higher, the control precision is higher;

According to the configuration scheme, the quotation of metal heat treatment furnace is generally hundreds of thousands to millions, the higher the configuration of intermediate frequency diathermic furnace, the stronger the operating capacity, the more expensive the quotation will obviously be. What kind of configuration to choose, based on your actual needs. Many manufacturers will plan the appropriate production plan for the user according to the actual needs of the user, you can go to the factory to inspect, by the way, find out the operation plan provided by the manufacturer for you, if it is not convenient for the time being, you can also explain your needs through telephone consultation, there will be staff for you to initially customize the induction heating equipment processing configuration scheme, and give you a more detailed quotation list for your reference.

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