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How much is the heat treatment quenching furnace?

Surface induction quenching equipment in this seemingly narrow but competitive metal heating treatment market, how to have a place in the market? How much is the price? Let’s take a look at it together.

1. The integration of feeding system, heating system and quenching system is strong, the combination is reasonable, and the time for customers to choose and purchase equipment is effectively saved.

2. The high precision design ensures that the conveying roller table of the zero wear material rack is designed with V roller, which is smooth and wear resistant, and will not damage the workpiece in the process of use.

3. In order to effectively ensure the quenching and tempering effect of the workpiece, our quenching and tempering equipment adopts the temperature closed-loop control system in the quenching and tempering process, and the temperature control accuracy is high.

4, the independent electronic control counter control operation main electrical appliances original parts adopt the international famous brand, the operation is simple, the control is accurate.

5, reliable quality, stable performance of Hebei Yuantuo induction heating equipment production experience for many years, light, flexible, reasonable rack design, strict factory commissioning, so as to ensure the smooth operation of each equipment, reliable performance.

There are many heat treatment quenching furnace manufacturers in the market, the price is also uneven, the selection of equipment should pay attention to the following points, you can easily buy more affordable equipment:

1, the more expensive the better, depends on the specific equipment configuration, output, manufacturers, Service and so on, comprehensive comparison is better, to suit oneself as appropriate.

2, there are single machine combination equipment, there are multi-machine combination equipment, the higher the configuration level, the higher the equipment price will be, and the more powerful the function will be.

3, the higher the output, the more expensive the equipment will be, because the larger the sensor, power supply and other specifications, the higher the price.

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