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How much is the bar induction heating equipment?

As soon as the hot-rolling equipment of the bar is available, it has received the attention of all the parties, and the whole-intelligent control system. In addition to its unique performance advantages, the price of this  Induction heat treatment machine is also of great concern to all, and today we will answer the market survey results for this bar hot rolling equipment price.

pipe heat treatment machine

How much is the induction heating equipment? The sales volume of the induction heating equipment in the market is high, the reason is three, the investment of the hot-rolling equipment of one bar is small, and the number of customers in the hot-rolling equipment of the second bar is more, and the three-bar hot-rolling equipment is wider in application field.

So, what is the specific price of induction heating equipment? Throughout the heat treatment market can be described as a variety of businesses, which leads to a variety of quotation methods. However, according to the comprehensive statistical data of market quotation, the overall quotation range of bar hot rolling equipment ranges from hundreds of thousands to millions, so we can make a simple reference. If you want to get a specific quotation for specific equipment, you also need to make an inquiry with the manufacturer.

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