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Hot selling long bar heat treatment line China!

Hot selling long bar heat treatment line China!

Long bar heat treatment line is quenching and tempering induction heat treatment equipment which is used for round steel bar, bar, steel bar, steel rods.The long bar heat treatment line can be used for the ø10 -120mm quenching and tempering heat treatment. After heat treatment, the long bar has high hardness and toughness.

The advantages of Forever long bar heat treatment line.

1. Automatic feeding and unloading functions.

2.Heating with multi-stage heating function to ensure the uniformity of the heating temperature. There is temperature measuring instrument for real-time measurement of bar heating temperature at the furnace exit.

3.Automatic control for quenching power, tempering power, quenching temperature, tempering temperature and feed speed of the workpiece, and can provide closed-loop control function of temperature.

4. System set and record for the heating power parameters of power supply indlucing current, frequency, power, voltage etc.

5.Alarm: sound / light fault alarm, control interface will display alarm information and record.


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