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Hot rolling grinding steel ball factory

Hot rolling grinding steel ball factory

These grinding ball hot rolling mill are highly demanded by clients due to their timely execution. The effective results of these grinding ball hot rolling mill are highly appreciated by clients. Also, we use high grade material and advance technology while providing grinding ball hot rolling mill services.

The major advantage of precision ball rolling, compared with traditional forging methods, is the uninterrupted grain flow. Grinding balls are rolled from selected carbon and alloy steels, produced to a customer’s precise specifications.

A special feature of Forever hot rolling grinding ball process is the computerised quench facility, giving uniform surface hardness and controlled cross-sectional hardness essential for very even wear.

High degree of automation for our grinding steel ball hot rolling production line

  • Controlled by computer;all the process parameters will be stored in the PLC; the operator only need to find the corresponding parameters then the system can be started.
  • Friendly man-machine interface, the basic operator without training, you can easily operate, and product quality has nothing to do with the operator.

All of our steel ball hot rolling production line is designed and made to customer’s specific need, such as how many tons of steel grinding balls per hour, what is the steel grinding ball diameter.

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