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High performance metal heat treatment equipment

How to select high quality Metal heat treatment equipment? High quality induction heating equipment should have the following points: good stability, good performance and price ratio, good adaptability, fast, thoughtful after-sales service. these are things to consider when choosing metal heat treatment equipment. When you choose a product, you should not only consider the later comprehensive cost, including parts replacement, maintenance after the warranty period, upgrade ability and other factors. Practice is the only standard for testing products. Any device needs to be used to better understand its performance and advantages. To produce all kinds of induction heating equipment with strict technical requirements, the equipment can be installed to the factory, on-site inspection, debugging equipment according to the requirements of the other party. Good induction heating equipment, clean appearance, clearly marked and easy to use. Usually small power equipment (oscillating power below 30KW) most enterprises use light-emitting diodes to show the size of the current, but it cannot show the size of the power really, it can only be used as a reference for regulating the power.


High-power metal heat treatment equipment general main power supply and induction ring transformer are separate, transformer performance directly affect the efficiency of the induction ring, some transformers use the way of oil invasion, this transformer, relatively backward, easy to pollute, once damaged, almost cannot be repaired, there is no repair value, is obsolete products. Most enterprises now choose dry-type transformers.

if necessary, if heating equipment supplier can be required to open the case, a good equipment, electronic components layout is reasonable, the line is neat, you can see the inside key components such as igbt power module, power capacitors and other raw materials, from the overall appearance of the equipment, weight to the equipment can be further recognized. It is best to choose the main control circuit board and drive circuit board independent products, low maintenance costs, this point can consult our technical personnel of Yuantuo mechanical and electrical.

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