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Heating principle of aluminum rod heating furnace, what are the advantages of the equipment?

aluminum bar heating equipment is heated by the induction current produced by electromagnetic field in the heated workpiece and the action of the magnetic field in the conductor, which causes the workpiece to heat itself. When an electric current passes through the heated workpiece, an electromagnetic field is generated at the same time around it. The intermediate frequency current flows to an electric heating device which is made into an induction heating furnace body. The electromagnetic will penetrate the whole heated workpiece and produce a large eddy current in the direction opposite to the heating current inside the heated workpiece. Due to the Joule heat generated by the resistance of the heated metal material, the temperature of the metal substance itself will rise rapidly, and the temperature of the metal material itself will rise rapidly because of the resistance of the heated metal material. In order to complete the metal workpiece heating.

Aluminum bar heating furnace characteristics

1, suitable for different workpiece specifications, different length of induction heating.

2, suitable for high-speed and long-size heating, improve productivity and heating accuracy.

3, PLC console simple operating panel, equipped with heating temperature and equipment power key digital code, operator can set arbitrary, rapid and accurate.

4, aluminum rod heating furnace can be used for a long time, high strength, low failure rate.

5, using high-quality servo motor drive, effectively shorten the transmission time of roller table device, rectification and test time.

6, the use of high-precision decoder, feedback precision, workpiece heating accuracy increased.


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