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Heating furnace of rolling mill

Rolling mill heating furnace manufacturers direct sales, durable, in recent years, rapid economic development, we can see that mobile phones from the previous BB pager to today’s mobile phone, for the induction heating equipment industry, rolling mill heating furnace is the same, intelligent heating furnace is far ahead of the traditional induction heating equipment. The heating furnace of the old rolling mill will cost a certain amount of manpower and material resources; it covers a large area; the operation process needs to be transported back and forth, which is quite troublesome. The heating furnace of YUANTUO electric and Mechanical Co., Ltd. is now customized without so much manual work, and the heating furnace of rolling mill has the function of one key start-up production.

The heating furnace of rolling mill has the following characteristics:

1. Elastic adjustable pressure roller: it can make steel bars of different diameters feed uniformly.

2. The roller table and pressure roller between furnace body of heating furnace in rolling mill are made of 304 non-magnetic stainless steel and water-cooled.

3. Infrared temperature measurement: infrared temperature measuring device is set at the discharge end to make the heating temperature of steel bar consistent.

4. According to your needs, provide remote operation console with touch screen or industrial computer system.

5. Steel rolling heating equipment human-machine interface touch screen PLC automatic intelligent control system, highly humanized operation instructions.

6. Induction heater design: variable turn distance, temperature gradient design, high efficiency.

If you want to buy high-quality steel rolling mill heating furnace, you can find Hebei YUANTUO electromechanical Co., Ltd. to customize suitable Induction heating furnaceInduction heat treatment equipmentmedium frequency heat treatment equipmentQuenching and tempering furnace for you according to your process requirements. If you have production experience of heating furnace in YUANTUO electric rolling mill, you can call YUANTUO mechanical and electrical technical engineer directly to provide rolling for free Quotation scheme of heating furnace in steel mill and type selection of heating furnace in rolling mill.

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