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Heating furnace for rolling bar

This year’s more popular heating furnace for steel rolling and bar. This is a good one – Hebei YUANTUO mechanical and electrical equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd. which is directly sold by the manufacturer. Many users buy the equipment at the factory price. Without going through the middlemen, you can get more discounts. As an integrated supplier of production and marketing, YUANTUO is committed to the bottom line of the quality of induction heating equipment, so that you can buy the quality at ease at a preferential price. Welcome to consult!

The main components of YUANTUO steel bar heating furnace are as follows:

1. Medium frequency air-cooled induction heating power supply

2. Induction heating furnace body.

3. Compensation capacitor body cabinet (including stainless steel pipe, capacitor cabinet group, conveying roller and pressing roller)

4. Human machine interface automatic intelligent PLC control system

5. Connecting wire from power supply to furnace body

6. Two color infrared temperature measurement system

7. Storage rack and automatic feeding and conveying system

Advantages and features of heating furnace for rolling bar:

1. Digital air-cooled induction heating power control, energy saving and environmental protection, low power consumption;

2. Fast heating speed, less oxidation and decarbonization, high production efficiency, energy-saving raw materials;

3. Stable and uniform heating, high temperature control accuracy, small temperature difference, no pollution;

4. Full automatic intelligent human-machine interface PLC control program has; one key start; function;

5. The protection function of steel bar heating equipment is complete.

6. Automatic feeding, 24-hour continuous work, saving power, environmental protection, reducing cost and labor costs.

Surface-hardening-equipmentHeat treatment equipment

It is reliable to purchase the heating furnace for steel bar in YUANTUO mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd. the induction heating equipment, heat treatment and tempering equipment and induction heat treatment equipment you purchased can enjoy the life-long after-sale service.


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