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Heating furnace for aluminum rod forging

Hebei YUANTUO electrical and Mechanical Co., Ltd. is a professional induction heating equipment manufacturer. Its main application fields are as follows: large size standard parts, fasteners, automobile, motorcycle accessories, tools, gears, large steel pipe work pieces, hot rolling of steel, welding of large metal materials; metal material forging, smelting, precision casting, heat treatment, etc. Forging and precision casting of common and precious metal materials.

Features of heating furnace before aluminum rod forging:

1. The products are controlled by embedded software. The degree of digitization is different from the pseudo digital products in the market

2. The whole system adopts double closed-loop regulation, which can adopt two working modes: constant voltage and constant current, with over-voltage, over-current and intermediate frequency conversion

Phase, inverter failure, insufficient water pressure and other protection functions

3. Before aluminum rod forging, the heating furnace is started by discharging first and then tracking the natural frequency to ensure the success rate of equipment startup

4. The timing logic is controlled by PLC, and the operation status of aluminum rod heating furnace can be known at any time through the display, and the fault indication can be provided

5 inverter trigger system adopts constant back voltage time control mode to ensure that the power supply operates under high power factor

6. The inverter circuit is equipped with unique current limiting inductor and pulse trigger module, which can ensure the long-term reliability of medium frequency induction heating furnace;

The advantages of heating furnace before aluminum rod forging are as follows:

1. The visual man-machine interface is adopted, which is simple and efficient

2. Infrared temperature measurement is used to monitor the temperature in real time to avoid over burning

3. The overall design is simple and cost-effective

4. High production efficiency and labor saving.

5. If diathermy equipment adopts infrared mode or beat mode to ensure production efficiency and quality

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