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Heat treatment Technology of Automobile parts

There are five kinds of Metal heat treatment technology for automobile parts in industry, they are annealing and normalizing, quenching, tempering, aging and tempering, surface quenching, chemical heat treatment. Today, the editor introduces several commonly used heat treatment processes for automotive parts.

1. The aim of carburizing heat treatment of automobile parts is to obtain good fatigue resistance and wear resistance, and to ensure the reliability of parts’ performance. Differential gears, transmission shaft gear parts, steering shaft gear parts, engine piston and gear parts require Carburizing heat treatment.

2.The quenching and tempering heat treatment of automobile parts can be divided into protective atmosphere quenched and tempered heat treatment and general quenched and tempered heat treatment. Heat treatment in protective atmosphere can ensure that the parts will not produce defects such as surface oxidation and shedding in the process of heat treatment, and ensure the surface quality of the parts. If the quenched and tempered parts need to be further processed, then general heat treatment will be carried out.

There are many kinds of heat treatment for auto parts, and the editor will introduce them to you one by one. Hebei Yuantuo Electrical and Mechanical Factory is a domestic manufacturer specializing in the research and development of heat treatment equipment. According to the actual needs of users, it can be customized to produce metal heat treatment equipment such as stable rod heat treatment equipment, automobile torsion bar heat treatment equipment and so on. New and old customers are welcome to visit.

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