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Heat treatment process for steel pipe

Heat treatment process for steel pipe

Is your factory using heat treatmnet process for steel pipe? If yes,I think our steel pipe heat treatment furnace can help you, increasing the production efficiency and become more energy saving!

Hardening and tempering for steel pipe heat treating

Advantages for our steel pipe heat treatment furnace

1.Simple operation 

Only a few minutes to learn .

2.Easy installation and debugging

Only need toconnect the power, induction loop and out of the water can be used; small size, light weight, easy to use 

3.Heating wide

Wide range of work pipece heat treatment such as bar, pipe, shaft, gear, sucker rod, chain wheel, automobile parts(according to the different shape of the work piece replacement of removable induction coil) .

4.Good heating effect

The heating is very uniform (also by regulating the induction coil density, so that all parts of the workpiece to get their desired temperature), heating up rapidly, less oxide layer after annealing without waste )

5.Power can be adjustable.

The furnace power is adjustable to meet different heating requirements.

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Post time: 05-09-2016