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Bar Inudction Heat treatment furnace

Performance characteristics of Bar induction heat treatment furnace:

1. It adopts mechanical transmission, with a compact structure. The motor adopts a variable frequency speed control motor, which runs smoothly and has high transmission efficiency. The speed adjustment is intuitive and reliable. 2. The workbench is equipped with a pad and a detachable workpiece positioning bracket, which can adjust the installation position of the bracket according to the length and size of the workpiece. 3. The heat treatment and tempering equipment is equipped with a separate control cabinet, and all operations are completed on the panel, which is intuitive and convenient.


Characteristics of heat treatment and tempering furnace:

1. The heat treatment and tempering furnace is controlled by a resonant intermediate frequency induction heating power supply, which can achieve high-power regulation and frequency adaptation functions.Induction hardening and tempering equipment

2. Energy saving, environmentally friendly, fast heating, and consistent performance of the quenched and tempered guide rail!

3. The protection function is complete, and the rail tempering production line has high reliability, simple installation, and convenient operation.

4. The quenching and tempering heat treatment furnace adopts frequency automatic and multi-channel closed-loop control.

5. The heat treatment and tempering furnace can be remotely controlled and equipped with infrared temperature measurement, achieving automatic temperature control, improving heating quality and simplifying worker operations.steel bar hardening and tempering furnace


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