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Hardening and tempering heat treatment for 6 meter bars

Hardening and tempering heat treatment for 6 meter bars

With the capacity increasing, many customers are considering buying induction hardening and tempering equipment to do heat treatment in their own plant. Before they are sending their steel bars to the local heat treatment plant to do heat treatment. This week Forever received one inquiry about 6 meter bars induction hardening and tempering equipment.

Their requirement is as follows:

Automatic induction hardening and tempering equipment

Bar length: 6000mm

Bar material diameter: Φ20mm-Φ80mm

Bar moving speed: 600-6000mm / min

Configuration part for the induction hardening and tempering furnace

1.Automatic feeder with turning device

2.Conveying roller table used for transporting the workpiece.

3.Induction heater : The most reasonable induction coils design can improve the machine efficiency.

4.IGBT power supply: The latest IGBT technology, which can be suitable for wide range of bars hardening and tempering heat treatment.

5.Main console: Display various kinds of technical parameters.

Main components and accessories manufacturer

  1. Programmable Controllers S7-300 Series —————- German SiemensSuzhou

  2. Infrared thermometer and display———————— America Raytek

  3. Proximity switch ——————————————-OMRON

  4. Inverter —————————————————- German SIEMENSSuzhou

5. Intermediate frequency power supply ———————- Forever

6. Induction heating coils————————————–Forever

7. Low voltage electrical control apparatus ——————-Schneider(Suzhou)


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