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Good manufacturer of hardening and tempering equipment with low price

Good manufacturer of hardening and tempering equipment with low price

In more than 14 years process, Forever develops more complete series of induction hardening and tempering equipment and solutions. No matter what your heating requirements is, we can provide you with the appropriate induction hardening and tempering equipment, designing your own induction heat treatment solution.
The purpose of hardening and tempering: after hardening and tempering, the material properties have been greatly improved, the strength, ductility and toughness are improved, and has good mechanical properties.

Forever induction hardening and tempering equipment has been widely applied in wind power industry, construction machinery and equipment industry, petroleum industry, railway industry, automobile industry and other industries
Especially for drilling pipe used for the subsea and land. Forever has rich experience of design and production for sold bar induction hardening and tempering equipment with small temperature difference from core to the surface.

Induction hardening and tempering production line includes induction heating power supply, induction coil, PLC control system, quenching system, tempering system, feeding rack and other major components. Optional accessories are: infrared temperature, inverter cabinet, low power distribution cabinets, cooling towers.
The application of induction hardening and tempering equipment is also very extensive: round steel quenching furnace, casing quenching furnace, oil drill pipe heating furnace, plate surface quenching furnace and so on.
PLC control cabinet main features for induction hardening and tempering equipment:

1.According to user requirements to provide touch screen or industrial computer system remote console.

2.Custom man-machine interface, a high degree of humanity instructions, one person can operate the entire equipment, saving labor costs.

3.All-digital, high-depth adjustable parameters, as long as workers enter the steel specifications, the system will run as setting parameters.

4.No need manual records, inquiries and input. High-precision historical curve function. We can use U disk to copy, the data can be saved forever.

In operation, Forever induction heat treatment furnace has capacity of complete data monitoring, process recording and traceability. Display the temperature, current, voltage, water pressure and other production data on the console man-machine interface. The data can be stored in the system for a period of time, which is for user-friendly check at any time, the user can also download the production data to the U disk for long-term preservation.



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