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Four advantages of Induction heating equipment in China

induction heating furnace is the main equipment used for heat treatment processing of metal work-piece in heat treatment market at present. Because of its special heating principle, this Induction heating manufacturer realizes environmental protection, energy saving, low carbon, high efficiency and so on. The following introduces the five advantages of Hebei Yuantuo electromechanical induction heating equipment, which can be used as a reference for investors to choose and purchase.

billet induction heater

1. The finished product superior electromechanical induction heating equipment is equipped with a high precision closed-loop temperature control system, infrared real-time monitoring the heating temperature of metal work-piece, the system automatically adjusts the power of the power supply, ensures that the heating temperature of the work-piece is always within the target temperature range, meets the requirements of the heat treatment process of the user, and the processing quality is guaranteed.

2. Operation advantages this medium frequency heating equipment has flexible operation mode, users can choose manual, semi-automatic, automatic and other operation modes according to the actual production situation, the equipment configuration PLC touch screen centralized control, automation, high degree of intelligence.

3. The processing advantages are as follows: in the processing capacity of intermediate frequency heating furnace, the production output is large, the equipment load rate is as high as 99%, the production realizes continuous and uninterrupted operation within 24 hours, and the output is stable.

4, the intermediate frequency heating equipment is equipped with perfect system protection device, which automatically detects the operation status of the equipment and has the function of automatic alarm. The advantages of environmental protection are that the medium frequency heating furnace is in operation, the noise is low, the other is the sealed design of induction heating equipment, there is no dust overflow in the production process, and the third is induction heating equipment.


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