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Forever Teach You How To Operate Induction Heating Furnace Correctly?

Forever Teach You How To Operate Induction Heating Furnace Correctly?

As we all know,there are many safety accident due to wrong operation no matter which lines you are in.Once you have wrong operation during the process of running induction heating furnace,the furnace will be easily explode.Obviously,there are many cases that the induction heating furnace exploded in our life.However,if you can operate the induction heat treatment equipment correctly,you can avoid this dangerous occurrence.

1.The operator must have an intimate knowledge of the operation instructions for the induction heating furnace before you run the equipment. Then you should check whether the induction heating furnace cooling system is normal or not.If the system is normal, then you can start the power supply.

2.The work piece that need to be heated must remove burr,iron and oil. Otherwise,the work piece will have arcing problem. The arc light will damage to to the operator’s eyes and will also damage the induction heaters easily.

3.You must keep the induction heating equipment clean,dry and no dust.If there is any abnormal occurrence during the process of running equipment, you should cut off the high voltage and then check out the failure.

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Post time: 01-08-2016