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Forever provide 12 month quality guarantee for the bar heat treatment furnace

Forever provide 12 month quality guarantee for the bar heat treatment furnace

Forever is a famous high-tech enterprise which integrates technology research and development, engineering design and production for various bar heat treatment furnace. To provide customers with a full range of bar heat treatment production line price proposal, our device power can be selected by users from 160KW-2500KW and frequency 500Hz-8000Hz. Forever promises to maintain one year’s maintenance cost for its customers.

Implement (1+1) technical after-sales service to users, that is, a full-time engineer will provide a one-year service to you after the equipment is out of our factory.

The warranty period is 12 months. Provide life-long maintenance and maintenance services.

During the warranty period, the seller will repair and replace the damaged parts free of charge due to the quality problems of the equipment in normal use. If the user fails to operate properly, the seller will maintain the induction heat treatment equipment free of charge and charge the component cost.
In case of failure, the seller guarantees that the buyer will arrive at the buyer’s site within 48 hours after receiving the buyer’s notice(For domestic customers).

Regular inspection, a comprehensive inspection and maintenance of the equipment by the seller will provide within the warranty period and inspection report to the Buyer

According to buyer’s request, spare parts must be provided in time to ensure that the equipment supplied by the seller is working and serving.

Forever intelligent bar induction heating furnace consists of intermediate frequency power supply, electric and thermal capacitors, induction heating coil, feeding and discharging transmission device and temperature measuring equipment. Automatic control can includes PLC console, man-machine interface or industrial control computer systems and industrial control configuration software and various sensors.

Forever has a strong pre-sale and after-sales service team, we provide you with a professional and effective induction heating program.


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