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Forever long bar hardening and tempering furnace technology

Forever long bar induction hardening and tempering fruance  technology is mature. The long bar induction hardening and tempering  production line has very comprehensive functions, and the coordination of various parts is very reasonable. It can produce metals of various sizes and specifications for users. At the same time, the characteristics of steel bar heat treatment.

induction heating furnace are not limited to this, as follows:

1. There are various configuration schemes for non-standard customized equipment and

long bar induction heat treatment furnace , and the equipment price is flexible. Taking full account of the economic conditions of various manufacturers, all users can afford the equipment.

2. It has a reasonable and scientific compact layout, improves the functional comprehensiveness of the induction heating furnace for steel bar heat treatment, reduces the floor area, and makes the installation, commissioning, maintenance and repair of the whole set of induction heating furnace for steel bar heat treatment more convenient.

3. The network type IGBT induction heating power supply control has three functions: automatic start, emergency stop and emergency stop, with high safety. Automatic and intelligent production.

long bar  induction hardening and tempering furnace is a new type of energy-saving and environmental protection induction heating equipment. The manufacturer provides a variety of configuration schemes, and a variety of options can be selected by users. Then different matching schemes have different functions and prices. The specific quotation of steel bar heat treatment induction heating furnace depends on the configuration scheme finally selected by customers; At the same time, the price of equipment with low power will also be lower. After all, the value and price are closely related. If you need induction heating equipment, don’t go to Hebei Forever electromechanical field investigation. After all, a set of long bar heat treatment machine is also a set of equipment with considerable investment.


Post time: 06-28-2024