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Forever latest developments for pipe induction hardening and tempering equipment

Forever latest developments for pipe induction hardening and tempering equipment

Typical Induction hardening and tempering equipment can achieve the capacity range of 4 ~ 15t / h, or even more, usually consists of the following components:

1. Feeding table is used for collecting the material and then send single bar/pipe to the roller table.

2. A set of roller table with frequency motor control.

3. Using induction inverter (usually using transistor IGBT technology) as power supply at the correct frequency for austenitizing, tempering and insulation area.

4.Induction heater: each set has a number of individual heating coil, pipe / bar will be through the heating coil for austenitizing and tempering.

5. The quenching station mainly includes “special design” sprinkler, which will spray the material after austenitizing.

6. Slow cooling table and pipe collection platform.

Forever has developed unique, technically mature, rugged and extremely reliable solution for pipe heat treatment.This process is also suitable for the pipe with upset. Such solutions have recently been successfully applied to our drill pipe induction hardening and tempering equipment, this process can process both outer thickening casing pipe and outer thickening tubing.

Outer thickening casing

Taking into account the difference between the weight of the pipe and the upset (according to the requirements of the API 5CT specification, the weight of the thickening is 60% weighter than the pip body). The only workable way for correct austenitizing / tempering treatment is to add a preheating system before austenitizing furnace and tempering furnace.

For this special austenitizing / tempering furnace production line, upset preheater is using specially designed IGBT frequency conversion power supply, and with specially designed multi-turn heating coil. Through the precise pipe tracking system, the position of the thickened end can be controlled and the bottom-to-bottom docking is realized. With the special design / manufacturing / tracking / control, the upset preheater will be selectively passed at the end. According to the upset / pipe weight ratio, the preheater can only heat the upset to the required temperature.

At the end of the upset preheat inductor (where the upset has been preheated to a consistent temperature and the body is still at room temperature), the pipe enters the main austenitizing / tempering induction furnace to continue the austenitizing / tempering process. The main austenitizing / tempering induction heating furnace is using multi-single coil to heat the pipe body to the required austenitizing / tempering temperature.

The highlight of the technology is the ability to achieve top quality hardening and tempering(both upset and the main body can get the same mechanical performance, which is not available for other processing. The pipe can also obtain good straightness(See below pictures) .

casing pipe heat treatment.png

In some special oil or gas well applications, the casing must be designed to be able to adapt to extreme harsh environments, that is, the casing should have performance of higher strength and leakage resistance. Usually the typical diameter range of these casing products is 127 ~ 273.05mm, it should have upset and do quenching and tempering treatment.

Forever not only has been successful for the tubing with upset (OD range is 60.325 ~ 114.3mm) , but also successfully developed for the flat head seamless casing heat treatment line. The maximum processing diameter can be up to 406.4 mm.

In this most cutting-edge application, in addition to the same part of the tubing processing structure, a special mechanical handling system and upset preheating system are added to achieve the same excellent final mechanical performance (at the upset as well as the main body) of the uniformity and superior straightness.


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