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Forever induction heat treatment line-more attractive !

Forever induction heat treatment line-more attractive !

Enterprises are doing production reform, and now what equipment are you using for heat treatment? Energy saving and environmental protection are not just slogans. This is a policy that can help companies develop for a long time. If you are still using the traditional coal stove, gas stove that is too backward. In the heat treatment industry, all manufacturers are generally using induction heat treatment equipment, it has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, high efficiency and long service life.Especially for the round sold bars, such as round bar, grinding rod, screw, wind power bolt and so on. In the trend of the times,induction heat treatment lines will be more popular in the world.

From the governance of environmental pollution, with the continuous enhancement of people’s awareness of environmental protection, energy saving and green environmental protection has become an inevitable trend in the heat treatment industry. In order to better serve customers, but also to protect people’s living environment, many of the disadvantages of traditional heat treatment equipment can no longer meet the user’s production requirements and market demand.Induction heat treatment line will takes users to develop with more high-end, more advanced, more energy-efficient and more environmentally friendly direction.

In terms of its own factors, the induction heat treatment line can not only complete all the processes that traditional heat treatment equipment can accomplish, but also make some optimization and improvement on this basis, and can also finish many processes that can not be completed by traditional heat treatment equipment, such as bar, pipe and other local heating.

 Driven by the times, induction heat treatment line will be concerns of more users. At the same time we can not stop there, we should keep up with market trends and constantly improve their own induction heating technology, and constantly improve their products so that the induction heat treatment can bring more benefit to the users.

Forever real references of induction heat treatment line

ø16-32 mm thread bar induction hardening and tempering equipment

ø40-50 mm rebar induction hardening and tempering equipment

ø60-80 mm round bar induction hardening and tempering equipment

ø30-60 mm grinding bar surface quenching line


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