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Forever Induction heat treatment furnace has obvious advantages.

Forever Induction heat treatment furnace has obvious advantages.

Forever is a professional production and sales of induction heat treatment equipment enterprises, we uphold the mature technology, advocate humanization, automation concept, especially committed to: bar quenching and tempering heat treatment line, pipe quenching and tempering heat treatment line, plate quenching and tempering heat treatment line, billet heating induction furnace and other fully automatic induction heating.

1. The series inverter of high efficiency induction heat treatment equipment adopts half-bridge circuit, the number of main circuit components is relatively reduced and has a high power factor, so it has a higher power. Good starting characteristics can be started at random under full load and heavy load, and the success rate of starting is 100%. The power factor is increased to ensure that the power factor reaches 95% at any power.

Constant power output, power output adopts constant control. In the smelting process, when the load and temperature changes, its load always full power output, thus shortening the smelting time.

2. It has a perfect monitoring system for protection and operation.

For example, using inductors to take signals of current, voltage, current and voltage in the intake line and set protection function including current limit, voltage limit and closed-loop digital circuits. KK thyristor and KP SCR have self turn off time protection.

3. The bar induction hardening and tempering machine has a complete detection system.

For the inverter, the temperature of the filter capacitor is monitored by the temperature switch meter. Once the cooling water temperature exceeds the set value or the waterway fault occurs, an alarm is issued and the power supply is cut off. The power supply cooling water input is controlled by hydraulic relay, the cooling water output is monitored by temperature switch meter under-voltage, the overtemperature will alarm and cut off the power supply.

4. Convenient power allocation function

By adjusting the power knob (or digital operation screen) on the panel, the power distribution between the two furnaces can be realized. The total power of the medium frequency power supply can be used arbitrarily between the two furnaces to achieve the effect of one furnace for heating another furnace for holding.


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