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Forever billet induction heater can bring users more profit !

Forever billet induction heater can bring users more profit !


Forever is specializing in billet heating system research and development since 1995. Since its establishment, Forever put a lot of money and emery into manufacturing and designing billet induction heater for continuous casting and rolling application. Starting from the material science, device technology, application software etc., Forever strive to provide first-class billet induction heater solutions for users.

At present, we have manufactured two sets of 7500KW billet induction heater for a Taiwan user, which is in the line of rebars. Especially this month ,we got an order of 5000KW billet induction heater for a big steel plant in China. Next month, the customer will come to our factory to test the equipment. These two large power billet induction heating system is for continuous casting and rolling process. And we also have many cases that heating billet from room temperature to 1200 degree C, such as 4000kw induction heating furnace to heating deformed  bars, 2500KW for heating steel sheet.

Many users are worried about harmonic problem, for this problem, every equipment of Forever is using special transformer to reduce the Influence of harmonics on Power Grid. More details, please contact us.

In the customer’s expectations, we will provide you with more excellent products and perfect service, continuous efforts, and make our greatest efforts to make our equipment to bring customers the greatest profits. We can provide customers with more practical induction heating furnace according to the actual needs of customers


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