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Five Advantages of Induction Heating Equipment

As a new type of high precision and high stability feeding equipment, the emergence of  induction heating furnace is not accidental, but has its inevitable reasons. One is that the traditional feeding equipment, such as roller feeders and air feeders, cannot fully meet the needs of stamping materials, so the manufacturers have developed and produced induction heating equipment on the basis of traditional feeders; the other is that the induction heating equipment itself has other advantages that cannot be reached by other feeding equipment, which makes the induction heating equipment popular with customers as soon as it appears, and gradually replaces the roller feeders as the main stream.

Hengyuan machinery, as a professional feeder manufacturer, summed up the advantages of induction heating equipment, which is mainly reflected in five aspects: the quality reliable point, induction heating equipment high precision, which is the first type of CNC system into the feeding equipment, the end of the PLC, servo motor accurate control feeding drum punching machine, usually feeding accuracy can reach ±0.02mm, which is far from the other feeding equipment; the second point, the scope of application is more extensive, the induction equipment is driven by independent motor, with mechanical relaxation and pneumatic relaxation, so that it is not restricted by the equipment, only can be used in the distribution of punching machine, more can be used in the distribution machine, the application of the oil pressure shearing machine, the application range is more widely used; the third point, the active and the high degree of heating is selected, the 7-inch touch screen of induction equipment, the operation of the control point.

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Post time: 01-14-2020