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Factors contributing to the continuous improvement and development of bar heat treatment furnace technology

Factors contributing to the continuous improvement and development of bar heat treatment furnace technology

Traditional heating methods such as flame heating, coal heating and other old-fashioned heating methods can not meet the needs of today’s rapid development of society. Before we have introduced to you the working principle of induction heat treatment equipment, today I will give you a brief introduction of reasons that induction heating technology is so popular in recent years.

First of all, from the performance characteristics of induction heating equipment, the main performance characteristics of induction heating are as follows:

1. It is easier to achieve high power density, fast heating speed, high efficiency and low energy consumption.

2. High heating temperature and simple control of heating temperature.

3. The non-contact heating method is not easy to mix impurities in the heating process.

4. Workpiece materials burn little and the oxide scale is less.

5.The operation environment meets the requirements of environmental protection.

6. It is easy to realize automation of heating process.

The main characteristics of bar heat treatment furnace manufactured by our company are:

1. Adopting Siemens IGBT power devices and unique inverter technology, it is designed with high load persistence rate and operates 24 hours under high power, which ensures high reliability.

2. The automatic control type can adjust heating time, heating power, holding time, holding power and cooling time; greatly improve the quality of heating products and heating repeatability, simplify the operation technology of workers.

3. Light weight, small size, simple installation, connected to 380V three-phase power supply.

4. Small footprint, simple operation, only a few minutes to learn.

4.Special safety, output voltage is below 36V, avoid high voltage electric shock risk.

6. The heating efficiency is as high as 90%. The energy consumption is only
20%-30% than the high frequency of the old electronic tube. There is almost no power consumption in standby state and it can work continuously for 24 hours.

7. The inductor can be disassembled and replaced freely and quickly. The rapid oxidation of the inductor greatly reduces the oxidation deformation of the workpiece.

8. It is a good heating protect that replaces oxygen, acetylene, coal and other dangerous goods heating.

9. The equipment has perfect automatic protection functions such as over-current, over-voltage, over-temperature, water shortage and phase shortage and is equipped with fault self-diagnosis alarm system.

Forever insists on the mission of “creating high efficiency, environmental protection, energy saving induction hardening and tempering equipment ” and believes that induction heating technology of induction heating equipment will go further in the next few years or decades.


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