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Experiencing the process of steel induction heat treatment furnace!

Experiencing the process of steel induction heat treatment furnace!

Forever induction heat treatment furnace is an important heat treatment process to improve the hardness of the steel. Then what is the induction heat treatment process ? Forever will the how the induction heat treatment furnace work.

The main process of Forever steel induction heat treatment furnace:

According to the production requirements of the customer, the operator can use the crane to hoist the bar or pipe to the material storage platform, and then the equipment will run forward automatically. When every process of the circuit is in good condition, it can operate normally. Manual or automatic start feeder to work. Under the control of the sensor, the feeding device lifts the bar or pipe on the positioning device and rolls it onto the roller table at an oblique angle. Feeding conveyor roller will transport the bar or pipe to the roller table at the set speed. The feed roller is driven by a single roller, adjustable in speed and height. Drum is V-type. Conveying roller has a tilt angle to ensure that the bar or pipe can rotate in the process. The design is conducive to uniform heating workpiece to avoid bending after quenching. The rollers between the induction heater is made of austenitic stainless steel. Feed roller is equipped with a circulating water cooling system that can cool the roller table, but also to keep the roller table drying. Other rollers are made of wear-resistant stainless steel.

hardening and tempering machine

The bar or pipe will be charged into the induction quenching area which consists of one 2500KW power supply, one set of 1200kw power supply and many induction heating coils. The purpose of dual-frequency heating is to make the heating temperature of the workpiece uniform. The workpiece should get uniform heating temperature, so that the internal structure of steel can be transformed to austenitic. When the heated workpiece enters into the spray cooling zone, the system uses external spray cooling way, the water is continuously injected into the workpiece surface. The exteral spraying is using high pressure ring way to spray to ensure the hardenability.

The workpiece after heat treatment will be sent to the drainage platform to remove residual water. Forever has more than 14 years’ experience in the induction hardening and tempering equipment, so the technology is mature and stable!


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