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Equipped with advanced IGBT inverter for bar induction heat treatment furnace

Equipped with advanced IGBT inverter for bar induction heat treatment furnace

Forever IGBT intelligent induction heating power supply technology has gained widespread attention.The bar induction heat treatment furnace with this IGBT inverter is more energy efficient than the traditional heat treatment furnace. And it can be suitable for more wide range of round bars induction heat treatment. Induction heating furnace unique advantages is welcomed by more and more users.

Bar induction heat treatment furnace is using IGBT power devices and unique frequency conversion technology and advanced technology. IGBT is a component made of MOSFET and bipolar transistor. The input is MOSFET, the output is PNP transistor, which combines the advantages of these two devices, both with the advantages of small drive power and switching speed, and It has the advantages of low saturation voltage and large capacity of bipolar devices, and improves the service performance and heating effect of the device. 
High-performance IF power supply output voltage should have a high degree of stability, so it must adopt power supply voltage closed-loop adjustment to make the output voltage value keep constant in both the load and no-load conditions.

Induction heating equipment is using parallel resonant induction heating power, which is taking thyristor power component. Through the best adjustment for rectifier and converter, this can make full use of computer software and hardware function and achieve constant power(Max.power) output. The control circuit adopts two sets of single-chip microcomputer to control the synchronous triggering of the rectifying pulse and inverter tracking frequency pulse.

Over more than 14 years development and technology upgrading, Forever become more professional and experienced in the field of bar quenching and tempering heat treatment. We are focus on providing the most efficient induction heat treatment furnace proposal for more users.

Forever main product series:

1.Induction hardening and tempering equipment

2.Inline billet induction heater

3.Surface quenching furnace


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