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Electric heating furnace in steel works

YUANTUO Electric induction heating furnace is a professional manufacturer of electric heating furnace in steel plant. The electric heating furnace of steel plant is energy-saving and has small burning loss. The electric heating furnace of steel plant has high success rate of starting and stable operation. The touch screen man-machine operation interface is flexible in operation, high in reliability and strong in anti-interference ability. According to your process requirements, customized Induction electric furnace of steel plant is customized for you. Welcome to inquire! Professional engineers provide you with the quotation of induction heating equipment, induction heat treatment equipment and induction heat treatment production line for free.

The induction heating electric furnace of YUANTUO electromechanical steel works has the following characteristics:

1. Power supply system: 100kw-4000kw / 200hz-8000hz intelligent IGBT intermediate frequency power supply.

2. Heating type: carbon steel, alloy steel, etc

3. Customized man-machine interface and highly humanized operation instructions.

4. Full digital, high depth adjustable parameters, so that you can control the equipment handy.

5. Strict hierarchical management system and perfect one click restore system.

6. Less oxidation decarburization: due to the heat generated inside the heated workpiece, the heating speed is fast, the efficiency is high, the oxidation decarburization on the surface of the workpiece is less, and the raw materials are saved.

7. Intelligent protection function: in addition to the perfect protection function, YUANTUO frequency conversion steel plate heating furnace equipment is specially developed for the induction heat treatment heating equipment industry. When the induction furnace coil is worn and aged, the insulation layer peels off, and the friction and ignition phenomenon between the billet and the induction furnace may occur, which may damage the power supply. YUANTUO frequency conversion power supply has reliable protection function, and users can customize the function of furnace protection fault display.

YUANTUO Electromechanical is a professional manufacturer of electric heating furnace in steel plant. It gains the trust of users. Customers are distributed in various regions. It recommends and configures the production scheme of electric heating furnace equipment in steel plant for users. There are many real video cases of YUANTUO electromechanical on-site customers, which can be used for your reference to experience the production process of electric heating furnace in steel plant. YUANTUO has many years of production experience in induction heating equipment, quenching heat treatment equipment, Induction heat treatment equipment, quenching and tempering heat treatment production line, customized according to your needs.

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