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Effective to use bar heat treatment line has four points

Effective to use bar heat treatment line has four points

Induction heat treatment is a new type of energy-saving process, but if you can’t choose the suitable bar heat treatment line or operate in the wrong way, it will cause unnecessary waste of electricity.

You should note the following points:

1.Choosing the right frequency, power and machine for the bar heat treatment line. The frequency should meet the through-type heating and the power should meet the principle of short heating cycle and less heat consumption.

The frequency of bar heat treatment line should select high frequency type, but the main components are also need to be considered. For example, the variable frequency efficiency of solid-state power supply is higher than that of tube high-frequency power supply, and the solid-state power supply should be used as far as possible under the same technical conditions.

The power supply of transistor in solid-state power supply is higher than that of thyristor. Therefore, IGBT or MOSFET power supply should be preferred.

The heating efficiency and water consumption for different size of bars will have much difference, so the user has to note this.

2. The working regulation of bar heat treatment line should be suitable. If the load adjustable is not correct, the heating efficiency will reduce.

3. Daily maintenance should be pay much attention to have longer service life.

4.The bar heat treatment line efficiency has much relations with the induction heater design. Excellent induction heater design will make the efficiency be 80% and above. But bad design will only cause 30% efficiency. Therefore, it is necessary to design and manufacture the good induction heater in the production process.

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