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Daily maintenance for long bar heat treatment equipment

Daily maintenance for long bar heat treatment equipment


As the requirement of long bar heat treatment equipment is increasing, but many users know little for the daily maintenance for long bar heat treatment equipment,which will result in a lot of problems, today we elaborate long bar heat treatment equipment daily maintenance and daily maintenance of knowledge, we hope it will be helpful to you:

1.Regular check and maintain:
Regular maintenance of bolts and fastening parts of the contact situation, and if loose or bad contact phenomenon, timely modification and replacement is require to avoid major accidents.

2. Check the wiring of the load regularly
Whether it is high frequency, intermediate frequency or ultrasonic frequency long bar heat treatment equipment, regular check coil contact, especially the induction coil of medium frequency heating type. For the example, the oxide skin in the induction heater, the user should clear it in time. If the furnace limning has crack, the user should replace in time.

3.Clean the dirt in the power supply cabinet regularly
After a period of time, the dust will be contaminated through the gap to the surface of the components, then it must be cleaned regularly to prevent failure.

4. Check the inlet and outlet pipe connection periodically
Under normal circumstances, we would recommend users to use pure water as cooling water, but the water quality is different as the user’s condition is different. If the user use tap water or water as cooling water, it is easy to make the equipment fouling inside, which will affect the cooling effect,

The above four points are our common maintenance work for long bar induction heat treatment equipment. How much have you done ?


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