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Configuration of induction heating equipment

Metal steel is an indispensable and important raw material in industrial production and construction. After being processed by medium frequency induction heating equipment, metal steel can effectively improve its comprehensive mechanical properties and be better applied in the field of heat treatment and processing. How to configure the complete set of equipment for medium frequency induction heating equipment? What are they?


Brief introduction of medium frequency induction heating equipment:

Medium frequency heating equipment is mainly composed of medium frequency power supply, full-automatic feeding and blanking, conveying system, induction heating system, cooling system and control system. Users can also select far-infrared thermometer, cooling tower and other optional accessories according to their own needs. The whole equipment is designed with mechanical and electrical integration structure, with stable performance and efficient production. The manufacturer mainly depends on the user’s workpiece Material, shape, size, process requirements, production efficiency, etc. are customized to meet the user’s personalized production requirements.



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Post time: 03-27-2020