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Choose the manufacturer of induction heating furnace, be sure to brighten your eyes.

At the beginning of the induction heating equipment industry, many people did not know much about this piece, and the high frequency  Electric induction heating furnace market is relatively harmonious. However, since in recent years, large and small induction heating furnace manufacturers have sprung up like bamboo shoots, and the number of people is constantly rising, there will be unfair competition when more people are done. As a result of the present induction heating furnace market competition is also increasing.

Large and small manufacturers are producing medium-frequency reheating furnace, because of the different processing cost and manufacturing technology, the price and after-sale have changed. In order to respond to the national environmental protection policy, the energy-saving IGBT intermediate frequency heating furnace is popular among users, and gradually replaces the traditional heating method.

Because the induction furnace manufacturers are now more, unfair competition is also very common, as a buyer, be sure to polish your eyes, choose their own manufacturers. For the price of medium-frequency heating equipment, there must be a number of market prices. If a manufacturer’s price is lower than the market price, then you have to consider whether his product is qualified or not. Don’t make the products you buy can’t be used properly in order to get a little cheaper. This is not worth the loss.

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Post time: 04-18-2019