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Choose and buy heating equipment, more recommended induction heating equipment!

The reason why the mechanical and electrical  Induction heat treatment equipment sells well is that the performance and quality have reached a better point in China and have a certain popularity in the same industry in China.

The performance advantages of Induction heat treatment equipment  are as follows:

1 Energy saving: the energy utilization ratio of induction heating is 20% ≤ 30% higher than that of tube high frequency equipment and 30% ≤ 50% higher than that of flame furnace, which has obvious energy saving effect. 02 the heating speed of induction heating is faster than that of electronic tube, and the heating speed and working efficiency of induction heating furnace are faster and higher than that of flame furnace under the same working conditions.

2 there is no oxidation skin burning damage on the surface of workpiece in induction heating. Save material and cost.

3 high degree of automation: intermediate frequency heating equipment can carry out real-time and accurate automatic temperature control according to the current temperature state of the heated workpiece. If the power output of the power supply can be adjusted in real time through the temperature closed-loop control system, the heating temperature or distribution of the workpiece can be adjusted automatically. In addition, it has the functions of constant power, constant current and process curve, which can be applied to a variety of heating control needs of customers.

4 to improve and protect the environment: no waste gas or soot is produced in the production process of induction heating equipment, the external radiation heat is small, the noise is low, the working environment is green and environmental protection, and the working conditions of the operators have been greatly improved.

5 safe and reliable: the heat treatment of induction heating equipment does not produce open fire, eliminates the possibility of fire, explosion and other dangerous events, and greatly improves the safety.


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