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Characteristics of medium Frequency Induction heating Furnace

In the process of rapid development, Medium frequency heating equipment has won the support of the market. It plays a great role in induction heating equipment on the market. The following YuanTuo mechanical and electrical engineers introduce you to the characteristics of induction heating equipment.


The characteristics of intermediate frequency induction heating furnace are as follows:

1, if induction heating furnace has the function of safe debugging. During process debugging, the power supply can test the matching of load, quickly find the resonance point and load matching point, and record the parameters such as load resonance frequency, voltage and current ratio, so as to avoid damaging the workpiece in the process debugging stage, shorten the debugging time and improve the production efficiency; Avoid personal and equipment damage.

2. The intelligent power control automatic power supply is controlled by DSP processor, and the parameters are solidified in the program. The environmental change will not affect the internal parameters. Compared with the analog control system, the digital power supply has higher stability.

3. The inductor should heat the equipment with fast start-up speed and high start-up success rate.

4. It is specially designed for induction heating equipment which needs frequent start-up and shutdown, which greatly improves the production efficiency and reduces the energy consumption of power supply and ancillary equipment.

5. The intermediate frequency induction heating equipment has the function of frequency conversion self-adaptation.

6. the fault self-diagnosis function of  Induction heat treatment machine. When the operator misoperates or alarms under special working conditions, the touch screen will display the fault content, and click on the help of the corresponding fault to find out the solution to the corresponding fault. It can make the common faults be dealt with quickly by the operators, greatly improve the production efficiency, and reduce the dependence on the technical level of the operators.

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