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Buying billet induction heating furnace, why should call Forever ?

Buying billet induction heating furnace, why should call Forever ?


Forever has been a leader in the line of billet induction heating furnace manufacturing ten years ago. But the automation is not very high, Forever is improving during the 3 years for the billet induction heating furnace. Until last year, Forever billet induction heating furnace has already achieved full automatic for the feeding, heating and control . Now continue to improve the global quality management system at the same time, Forever also develop intelligent energy-saving technologies for customers to create more high-quality, energy-saving induction heating system.

The features of Forever billet induction heating furnace are as follows:

1. Most of the accessories are from well-known foreign companies such as: infrared thermometer from the United States Raytek.

2.Strong intelligent control system

Equipment is using PLC control system with industrial touch screen or industrial computer. Siemens PLC in a separate control cabinet, can provide all the mechanical action and heating power state of the actual process control.

3.Mechanization and automation procedures is high

With the high degree of digital digitization, precise temperature adjustment, power automatic adjustment and other intelligent advantages, only need one worker can operate the whole system.

4. Advanced automated induction heating furnace system integrating power electronics, machinery, automation control, industrial computer, intelligent technology, induction heating technology and other mechanical and electrical integration technology, constitute a systematic solution.

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