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Buy torsion bar heat treatment line? Contact Forever!

Buy torsion bar heat treatment line? Contact Forever!


Actually, in the induction heat treatment field, it’s not easy for the buyer to buy one set of suitable torsion bar heat treatment line as the buyer can not see the supplier’s equipment because the torsion bar heat treatment is customized as per user’s requirement.

Now good news for the buyer who want to buy torsion bar heat treatment line!

Forever has developed the latest torsion bar heat treatment line and has put it into practice. Now the same customer placed the second order with us ! That means if you are looking for torsion bar heat treatment line, then we can take you to see the working site to see the real equipment running and our engineer can clear your doubt in the site.

Main uses and main advantages:

1.Auto torsion bars is driven by frequency control motor for feeding, which is in uniform speed transportation while self-rotating. We set inductive position detecting device in the transportation line to ensure the torsion bar ends through the roller smoothly. The production line set various position sensing device and stall detection to ensure the whole line can be safety running.

2.Automatic uploading: feeding and unloading platform adopts high quality steel welding firm which can withstand impact load.

3. The frame of the transmission mechanism has enough strength and rigidity. In order to facilitate the installation of the equipment, the bottom of the frame has equipped with adjustable foot , so that the whole of the equipment is more beautiful.

4.According to the safety standardization requirements of the machinery industry, all mechanical rotating exposed parts are equipped with reliable protective covers, and the production line shall meet the national environmental protection standards.

5.The power supply adopts the components of famous brands both at home and abroad to ensure reliable operation and low failure rate. The intermediate frequency power supply has the functions of water temperature, water pressure, short circuit and loss of voltage protection.


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