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Buy Thread bar heat treatment line from China? Click here !

Buy Thread bar heat treatment line from China? Click here !


Working process of Thread bar heat treatment line :
Automatic feeding–automatic turning– heating–water spraying–tempering–material receiving. The thread bar heat treatment process is automatically completed by PLC, and the whole process is recorded.

The Thread bar heat treatment line features:

• Provide remote console with touch screen or industrial computer system according to user’s requirement.
• Special man-machine interface, highly humanized operation instructions, a person can operate a complete set of thread bar heat treatment line, saving labor and expenses.
• All digital, high depth adjustable parameters, as long as the input of the thread bar size, the thread bar heat treatment line automatically call the relevant parameters.
• Strict grade management system, equipment is equipped with one button reduction system. (if a problem occurs in the adjustment, or if the device is restored to its original state, it can be restored to the original data by just pressing a button)

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