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Butler service of steel pipe heating furnace

Hebei FOREVER is committed to creating a “consultant + housekeeper” service through patient consultation and solution before sales and scheme design of stainless steel tube heating furnace; Seiko manufacturing and assembly in sale, strict quality and delivery guarantee; Make the butler service close to every link of customers’ purchase and use, and ensure timely, fast and effective handling of any feedback from customers at any stage.

Hebei FOREVER electromechanical adheres to the housekeeper service concept of induction heating equipment in a timely, fast and effective manner, and resolutely fulfills the service commitment made to every customer of  Steel pipe induction heating equipment:

Reply to customers efficiently within 30 minutes

At any time, if the customer inquires about the equipment problems or puts forward feedback through telephone, e-mail and QQ, FOREVER electromechanical guarantees that the relevant professionals will reply to the customer in 30 minutes for in-depth communication.

Provide design or treatment scheme within 24 hours

According to the communication results with customers, FOREVER electromechanical professionals will make scheme design or feedback solution for customers within 24 hours.

Dispatch of engineering personnel for steel pipe heating equipment within 24 / 48 / 72 hours

According to the handling opinions, Hebei FOREVER electromechanical manufacturer promises that there are factories and offices in China to arrive at the customer’s site within 24 hours, there is no office in China, the areas outside the province will arrive at the customer’s site within 48 hours, and the engineers in foreign areas will be dispatched within 72 hours, so as to ensure the production needs of customers and reduce the waiting time for customers to deal with the fault of induction heating equipment, so as to achieve peace of mind and make customers’ investment more worry free.

Hebei FOREVER electromechanical manufacturer specializes in customized production of induction heating equipment such as steel pipe heating electric furnace, Steel bar heating equipment , billet heating furnace and steel plate heating equipment. If you have any questions when choosing induction heating equipment, you can call for consultation, and professional technical engineers will answer for you!


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