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Brief introduction: difference between quenching and tempering treatment and Heat treatment

Quenching and tempering furnace is a double heat treatment of quenching and tempering, the purpose of which is to make the workpiece have good comprehensive mechanical properties. Heat treatment is a kind of metal hot-working technology which can obtain the expected microstructure and properties by means of heating, holding and cooling in solid state.

Quenching and tempering: the heat treatment method of high temperature tempering after quenching is called quenched and tempered. High temperature tempering refers to tempering between 500 ℃ and 650 ℃. The strength, plasticity and toughness of the quenched and tempered steel can be adjusted to a great extent, and it has good comprehensive mechanical properties. After tempering and tempering, the tempered sorbite was obtained. Annealed sorbite (tempered sorbite) is formed during tempering of martensite and can be distinguished by magnifying more than 500 ~ 600 times under optical microscope. It is a composite structure of carbide (including cementite) spherulites distributed in ferrite matrix. It is also a tempered structure of martensite, a mixture of ferrite and granular carbides. At this time the ferrite has basically no carbon supersaturation and the carbides are also stable carbides. It is a kind of equilibrium structure at room temperature.

Heating is one of the important processes of heat treatment. There are many heating methods for metal heat treatment. Zui used charcoal and coal as heat source, and recently used liquid and gas fuels. The application of electricity makes heating easy to control and free of environmental pollution. These sources of heat can be heated directly or indirectly through molten salt or metal or even floating particles.

Cooling is also an indispensable step in the process of heat treatment. The cooling method is different according to the process, and the cooling rate is mainly controlled. General annealing cooling rate zui is slow, normalizing cooling rate is faster, quenching cooling speed is faster. But different kinds of steel have different requirements, for example, air-hardened steel can be hardened at the same cooling rate as normalizing.

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