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Billet induction reheating machine

Billet induction reheating machine  is one of the best-selling metal heat treatment furnaces in recent years. QQ图片20190619110117

With the speed of economic development, the rapid development of various industries, promote the market demand for high-quality metal workpieces, the use of higher requirements, after several transformation-structure improvement, technology upgrading, now has a qualitative improvement.

1. Upgrade of heating effect and excellent processing quality

The induction heating equipment adopts the principle of electromagnetic heating, the heating efficiency is as high as 85%, and the whole equipment is equipped with infrared thermometer to monitor the heating temperature of metal workpiece in real time, which can automatically adjust the power supply and the processing quality is excellent;

Fast heating speed and good processing performance

2.The heat loss is small and the heat efficiency is over 95%. Therefore, the heating speed is fast and the heating time is short. The surface of the metal workpiece does not produce oxide skin, decarburization, burning and deformation.

3. Electromagnetic heating, eco-friendly and healthier

The induction heating equipment uses electric heating, because the electric energy is a kind of environmental protection energy, the processing process will not produce the waste gas waste smoke and the dust and so on has the pollution to the environment, realizes the environmental protection processing!

4.The price is more reasonable, the factory has the guarantee after sale

– Yuantuo mechanical and electrical induction heating equipment by Yuantuo technology R & D department to learn advanced design concepts and manufacturing experience of the successful development of environmental protection equipment, by Yuantuo processing workshop unified production, Yuantuo sales department direct sales, no middleman link, the price is more cost-effective than the market price, more reasonable, and factory induction heating equipment directly by the manufacturer responsible for after-sale, provide technical support, more reliable, product assurance!

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