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Billet induction heating furnace

Customer: do you have a medium frequency induction heater?

Manufacturer: Hello, there are many kinds of medium frequency induction heating furnace. What kind of workpiece do you want to heat?

Customer: billet;

Manufacturer: OK, you can use billet heating furnace for this kind of workpiece. This equipment is specially used for heating billet, square billet and continuous casting billet. We can also provide you with a suitable production line for billet heating free of charge.

Customer: OK, I’ll contact you later and make an offer

Manufacturer: no problem, you can also give a convenient time for the technical manager to contact you directly, with the equipment to give a quotation.

The above is a real user consultation dialogue, because the billet heating furnace is a large demand equipment, and the user consultation is also a lot, here is to solve this problem for you.


How much is the medium frequency induction heating furnace?

According to the whole market, the price of medium frequency induction heating furnace is about 150000-2600000 yuan. Each manufacturer’s quotation is different. The factors that can affect the equipment pricing include transportation cost, cost, equipment model, etc. the specific equipment quotation depends on the selected equipment and manufacturer. Generally, the equipment quotation of second and third tier cities will be lower than that of first tier cities.

YUANTUO mechanical and electrical manufacturers not only provide reasonable quotation, but also high-quality equipment

YUANTUO mechanical and electrical manufacturers can customize and produce various types of medium frequency induction heating furnace according to the actual needs, and can start with the equipment at a reasonable price. Because YUANTUO mechanical and electrical is located in Hebei Province, the production cost is relatively low and the labor cost is not high, and the equipment quotation naturally conforms to the consumption level of Hebei Province. YUANTUO is a large manufacturer with many years of production experience. Its products have passed the quality certification. With the advanced production technology from abroad and the domestic production situation, the equipment made by YUANTUO is more convenient for users to use, and the product quality has also been recognized by 2000 + users.

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