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Billet induction heating furnace

The use of continuous casting billet reheating line : used to heat carbon steel, alloy steel, ball bearing steel, including Ferric steel and Austenite steel to a large extrusion temperature of 1250C. After the billet is heated to 1250 ℃ in the “heating” furnace, the billet is pierced in the piercing machine. Due to the decrease of the billet temperature, it must be heated in the “reheating” furnace and then extruded.

1, the power frequency induction heating furnace can deal with four kinds of billet with different diameters, and replace the billet with one diameter with another. The furnace must be adjusted and the inductor should be replaced.

2, The structure of power frequency induction heating furnace: induction heating furnace is vertical, hydraulic transmission, easy to control automatically. The coil of the inductor is wound with a special-shaped pure copper tube, arranged in a single layer, cooled by water, with a conductive magnet, an open tube with a high temperature resistant material in the coil, and a protective tube between the coil and the heat pipe.

3 Compensation of billet end temperature: the billet is fixed and heated in the inductor, because of the end effect, the temperature of both ends of the billet is lower. In order to enhance the power at both ends of the coil, the adjustable single-phase dry transformer and the variable capacitor bank are connected at each end of the coil.

4, the pressure and temperature control of the coil cooling water: in order to ensure the normal operation of the sensor, the coil is cooled with water. The water pressure is about 3 × 105 Pa. the influent temperature does not exceed 35 ℃, but in order to avoid condensation, the influent temperature should not be lower than the surrounding temperature, the effluent temperature should not exceed 65 ℃.

5, the measurement of billet temperature: in the heating process, The surface temperature of billet is measured by a side coil channel. The optical temperature measuring head faces the surface of the billet through this channel.

6, the operation of the induction heating furnace: for magnetic billets prone to cracks, when heated below Curie point temperature, the heating speed is very fast. In order to prevent cracks in the billet, it can only be operated with low power. When the heating temperature exceeds Curie point temperature, the power of the sensor decreases and the heating speed of the billet is very slow. It is necessary to increase the voltage on the sensor and heat the billet to the extrusion temperature with high power.

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