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Billet induction heater with closed-loop temperature control

Billet induction heater with closed-loop temperature control

Temperature control is very important for billet heating system. Forever billet induction heater is using closed-loop temperature control system, which can adjust the billet heating temperature automatically.

Normal billet induction heater only has infrared thermometer, which can only show the heating temperature, but in our system, the infrared thermometer will send a signal to the power supply and then it will adjust the power to meet the required heating temperature. In this way, our billet induction heater can ensure the uniform heating for the billet and ensure the billet quality.

Forever billet induction heater system main configurations:

  • IF power supply: Our strength is to provide large power induction heating equipment and has up to 7500KW cases.
  • Induction heater: This can be designed as per billet size.
  • Conveying roller table: Made of stainless steel 
  • Remote console: With Siemens PLC touch screen
  • Transformer: Special customized transformer to  remove harmonics greatly.
  • Closed cooling machine: Used for cooling power supply and inductor.


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