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Billet heating furnace price

Have you ever encountered such a problem? Call the billet heating induction furnace manufacturer: how much is your induction billet heating furnace? Manufacturer’s sales and technical personnel will not directly quote! Instead, ask you a series of questions about the size of the workpiece, the production process, the production efficiency, etc.

You must be puzzled that I asked the price of Billet heating furnace. Why can’t you tell me the price directly and ask so many questions? In view of your doubts, YUANTUO mechanical and electrical plant 20 years of professional technical engineers to answer for you.

Why did you not reply directly when asking about the price of billet heating furnace?

Because the billet heating furnace belongs to non-standard production equipment, each set of equipment is customized according to your needs, according to the size of the workpiece, process, production efficiency, so we can not directly answer the customer price.

Why to ask a series of questions such as workpiece size, production process, production efficiency, etc.

Because in many billet heating furnace to choose the equipment suitable for their own production needs, we must understand these parameters.

Instructions for purchasing induction billet heating furnace:

1. Section size of workpiece

2. Bending degree of workpiece

3. Expected production efficiency

4. Heating accuracy requirements

Usually, if you tell us these basic requirements, the professional technical engineers of Hebei YUANTUO electromechanical plant will select and quote according to your needs, and give detailed technical parameters and matching scheme of the equipment.

In order to help you select and understand the use of billet heating furnace, YUANTUO electrical and mechanical plant has dozens of sets of equipment field application cases for your reference, welcome to inquire or add wechat for video.

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