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Billet heating furnace

The intelligent  Billet heating furnace produced by YUANTUO is a non calibrated product. When consulting, as long as you provide the required process parameters, YUANTUO engineers can design and produce suitable, energy-saving, environmental protection and low power consumption induction heating equipment for you.


The traditional continuous casting and rolling process is as follows:

Continuous caster – Flame Cutting – roller transportation – cold bed collection – workshop crane lifting – hot delivery roller table – Shanggang platform – steel separator – in furnace roller table – heating furnace – tapping device – rolling mill.

Billet heater configuration:

1. Furnace frame (including capacitor bank, water circuit, electric circuit and gas circuit)

2.induction heating equipment

3. Automatic feeding device of storage platform and pinch roll

4. Fast discharging device of pinch roll

5. Infrared temperature measurement system

6. Transformer (optional according to the actual needs of customers)

7. Capacitor (optional according to the actual needs of customers)

8. PLC main operation console

9. Cooling tower of billet heating furnace

10. Induction heating power supply


1. It adopts the unique energy-saving technology of YUANTUO air-cooled induction heating power control, which has low power consumption and can be used after power on.

2、 The furnace has the advantages of high heating speed, high efficiency and short heating time, so the combustion rate of oxide scale is only 0.5% – 1%.

3. It is controlled by American Leitai infrared thermometer, with uniform heating and uniform hardness performance.

4. Taking full advantage of the advantages of rapid heating, the billet surface can quickly reach the required temperature, which can provide additional heat for the billet.

5. The PLC control system of human-machine interface is automatic and intelligent with adjustable parameters.

After sales service of billet heating furnace:

Free accessories: operation manual, some components

One year warranty, lifelong maintenance services, professional departments responsible for consulting and maintenance.


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