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Bars quenching,bars induction quenching with induction heating

Bars quenching,bars induction quenching with induction heating

Bars induction quenching process. Bars induction quenching machine uses high frequency electricity to heat materials that are electrically conductive. Since it is non-contact, the heating process does not contaminate the material being heated. Forever can provide full engineering support for Bars induction quenching machine as well as repairs and service by skilled staff with in excess of 12 years experience in the heating industries.

“Quenching and tempering” is a heat treatment process to produce material with specific levels of mechanical strength. It starts with heating the steel bar or tube to a uniform temperature in an induction heating furnaces, usually over 1,500°F. This step is followed by quenching in a hot liquid (usually oil or water), or air, depending on the steel grade. The second step achieves the rapid cooling that imparts a high level of material hardness.

long bar induction heater

Forever induction heating equipment applications

1. Case quenching or surface hardening for sucker rod,drill pipe,drill rod, oil casing,oil pipe.

2. Quenching machinery parts, such as: all kinds of gear wheel, chain wheel.

3. Hardening the industrial of machine tool, such as bed guide way of machine tool.

4. Heat treatment pliers, spanner, screwdriver, drill, axes, spiker

5. Annealing of various other metal work pieces, such as golf ball head, cue, brass lock, hardware
copper fitting, kitchen knife handle, blade, aluminum pan, aluminum pail, aluminum radiator and
various aluminum products.

Forever instrumental in providing a wide bar induction heating equipment to the customers situated around the world. This induction heating equipment is made up of superior quality raw material that is obtained from the most trusted vendors of the market. In order to deliver a qualitative product at the user’s end, our skilled quality inspectors test the entire range on varied quality parameters as per the industry set norms.

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